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    Science For Sight

  • About The Cause

    Usher syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes deafness from birth, as well as retinitis pigmentosa, which causes progressive vision loss throughout life. There is currently scientific research going on to cure Usher Syndrome, and we are raising money for that research. To be specific, we are raising money for a laboratory in Iowa, as the research going on there is what we have the highest hopes for. For further information, see the website attached below.

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    Science for Sight congregates at the Mitchell Park Community Center every Tuesday at 4 PM.

  • What We Do

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    Awareness Dispersion

    We make sure the people around us is aware of what we do.

    Science for Sight attempts to make sure that every community member is aware of what the Usher Syndrome is all about. Our members make sure that throughout every fundraising event, we give a speech, Powerpoint presentation, or invite a speaker to spread awareness about the genetic disorder's effects and the progress of its cure's biomedical research. 

    Fundraiser Facilitation

    We try our best to raise money for Usher Syndrome research.

    Within the past year, Science for Sight has organized several major fundraising events. In the spring of 2015, Science for Sight hosted an open microphone and bake sale fundraiser that attracted performers and audience members from all over the Bay Area. During the fall of 2015, Science for Sight created a movie screening and bake sale fundraiser in addition to a recruitment session for new members. Toward the beginning of 2016, they also hosted their Winter Wonderland Showcase and first partnership with the Teen Arts Council.

    Community Education

    We create an environment where anyone can learn about our cause.

    The major objective of Science for Sight is to make sure the surrounding community is both educated and informed about our cause. We have had videos from the research center in the University of Iowa broadcasted throughout our fundraiser open microphone and bake sale event during the last spring of 2015. 

  • Upcoming Events

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    Spring Information Session

    March 2016

    Science for Sight will be planning a recruitment information session at the Matadero Room in the Mitchell Park Community Center in March of 2016. There will be pizza, beverages, and snacks all free of charge as well as an informational Powerpoint presented by the current members of Science for Sight.

    Spring Fundraiser

    April & May 2016

    Science for Sight will be planning a spring fundraiser that will most likely take place in the El Palo Alto room in the Mitchell Park Community Center during April or May of 2016. 

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to raise money for scientific research toward the cure and treatment of the Usher Syndrome.

    Brendan Creemer


    Brendan Creemer is a junior at Gunn High School. He founded Science for Sight last spring, and has been the president of it since then. He wants to raise money for Usher Syndrome because he has Usher Syndrome and really hopes to help the scientists working to find a cure for it.

    Emily Cao

    Website Editor-in-Chief

    Emily Cao is a senior at Gunn High School. She joined Science for Sight because she was interested in medical technology as well as the biological research that revolved around the Usher Syndrome. In her spare time, she likes to read books, write stories, and listen to music.

    Jose Perez

    Teen Program Specialist

    Jose is the Teen Program Specialist for the City of Palo Alto's Recreation Division. He oversees the Bryant Street Garage Fund program where teens are able to get funding for any ideas they want to make happen and come to life. He also mentors the several groups, including Science for Sight. 

    Laila Adle

    PAUSD Vision Specialist

    Laila is the teacher of the visually impaired for Palo Alto. She is itinerant, and works with students between the age of 3 years and 22 years. This is her 4th year in Palo Alto. She is also a Gunn graduate. 

  • Who's Talking About Us

    Science for Sight was featured in the fall issue of Henry M. Gunn High School's newspaper.

    Written by Michael Chen

    The October 8, 2015 issue of the Oracle.

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